St. Michael's Church - Coniston

St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church has a long and proud history in service to the Ukrainian community in Coniston since it's establishment in 1928.  The church is located at the corner of Walter and William Streets in Coniston, where weekly services are held for it's faithful congregation, many of whom are descended from the original Ukrainian pioneers who settled in the Coniston area in the early 1900's. 
St. Michael s operates today as part of the St. Mary's Parish. 

St. Michaels celebrated the 60th anniversary of the opening of it's current church and rectory on Saturday November 24, 2012 with a Pontifical Divine Liturgy held in the church followed by a praznyk at the Colonial Inn. These events were attended by the Most Rev.Stephen Chmilar, bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto in tribute to this historic milestone. 

On this page, are links that lead to a historic account of St. Michaels as well as several historic photos assembled for the 60th anniversary celebration.  

Panoramic view front altar (click for larger view).

A History of St. Michaels covering the period up to 1983 was published in the book "The Coniston Story" and this has now been made available for online viewing. 

A number of current and historic photos of St. Michaels are also now available online. 

Anyone who wishes to contribute additional information or photographs relevant to St. Michaels are urged to contact us and arrangements will be made to collect and post suitable items. 

Panoramic view of St. Michaels entrance