Our Parish

Our church  is The Holy Protection of the Mother of God (more commonly known as Saint Mary's). We are a Ukrainian Catholic church within the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg.  Ukrainian catholic churches follow the Byzantine or Eastern rite and are in full communion with the Holy See, and directly subject to the Pope. The head of the Ukrainian Catholic church is Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, appointed in  March 2011.

St. Mary's parish includes St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic church in Coniston where regular services are also held.. 

Our parishioners are predominantly of Ukrainian heritage. Services are however performed in both the Ukrainian and English languages. Services are held regularly on Sundays, feast days and during weekdays on a varying schedule. For a list of upcoming services, please consult our On-Line Calendar. You do not have to be of Ukrainian heritage to join our services or to become a member of our parish. All who wish to discover Jesus are welcome. 

Parishoners also organize and participate in the many social events of the church throughout the year  including dinners, teas, bingo, and youth parties. There are many opportunities for volunteer work within the church including work on various committees, making ethic Ukrainian food for church events, and for church cleaning and maintenance.

Our parish organization is available for on-line viewing as is a brief biography of our priest, Father Petro Bodnar. 

Our mission in the spiritual welfare of our parishioners is contained in our mission statement. 

St. Mary's celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009. A brief history of our church is available on-line.