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100th Anniversary of Ukrainian Catholic Bishop in Canada

In 1912 the Holy See appointed the first Ukrainian Catholic Bishop in Canada, Nykyta Budka,  Although Ukrainian settlers and clergy had been in Canada for many years before, this event recognized and established the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada as a distinct entity in the hierarchy of the Catholic church.

The fall issue of the magazine Catholic Missions in Canada will feature 2 stories related to Nykyta Budka which have been made available through the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada. The links below will open the pdf files in the correct orientation.

Shepherds for the Flock by Archbishop Lawrence Huculak O.S.B.M. Metropolitan of Canada (2 pages)

Blessed Nykyta Budka by Archbishop Lawrence Huculak O.S.B.M. Metropolitan of Canada (1 page)

The articles above are also available on the Toronto Eparchy website at www.ucet.ca There are also plenty of website articles on Nykita Budka. Just type the name into a search engine like Google to find more. 

One very insightful article written by Stella HRYNIUK of St. John’s College, University of Manitoba named  Pioneer Bishop, Pioneer Times: Nykyta Budka in Canada has been posted to this site. It offers a more comprehensive look at the environment Nykita Budka was thrust into and his efforts to improve the spiritual and social situation of the Ukrainian people in Canada. 

Historical Note:
The newly appointed Bishop Nykita Budka visited the Rossburn Manitoba area in 1913 which was a great occasion for the Ukrainian settlers living in that area.at the time. The  St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic church at Rossburn farms was part of this visit and the event is noted on a historical sign posted outside the church. St. Peter and Paul sits on land donated by one of the original Ukrainian pioneers in that area named Maksym Yaskiw (a great grandfather of Irv Hrytsak). Maksym also helped build this church.  

Historical sign outside St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Rossburn Farms, Manitoba. 
Photos by Joanne (Hrysak) Johnson.

Click photo for larger image.